There were a lot of things about 8th grade that I did and didn’t like. I liked being friends with

Kristina , Kristen , Ilana , Lilly , and Luna . Social Studies were my favorite class because it wasn’t just one of those classes where you sit down and read out of a book. We actually learned meaning full things that I will never forget. Unlike useless facts out of a book. Mr. Bogush was my favorite teacher because he actually treated us all equal like actual adult human beings unlike little kids. He didn’t yell at us and lecture us about the rules and what not to do. And I think people respected him for this. We did the best presentations and projects. My favorite was when I did a project about Rosa parks with my best friend. We made a movie. But this year was really good, definitely my favorite by far! 

hero blog challenge post.

I consider anyone a hero in general that helps people out and makes a big difference in the world. i do not think that just one person is a hero. you can be considered a hero by helping someone and making a big impact in their life. for example like nurses,doctors,firefighters,police men, by putting their lives in danger to help someone survive.


The Most Dangeous Question…

sorry this is not really answering the question but…

i do not think that there is such thing as the most dangerous question. it depends on the circumstance you are in and the person that is saying it to you. like someone could be saying something that would normally be dangerous but just be joking than in that case it would not any longer be dangeous !

The backcorner crew by:Kb0rnd33

The back corner crew consists of Taylor, K’BORN, Rob, RYAN, and Sean we always sit in the back of the room and have our own little backcorner parties. Their is one computer back here that shields all of the desks which face the wall. We have our own inside jokes and are best friends. The backcorner crew is by far the funnest place in the whole school it is in the back of our Social Studies room, our teacher is Mr. Bogush. We all have great hair and fun personalities =D if anyone has any problems we like to council them and give them advice. As they all sit next to me now (except for sean he’s in the library) we know we will be BFFLLLLS FOR LIFE.

Hi my name is K’BORN.

Hello my name is k’born. I am Taylor’s best friend. She is an amazing person and I’m lucky to have her as a best friend <3 She’s a trustworthy person with a great sence of STYYYLLLLEEE she beautiful on the inside and out. I know we will be best friends FOSHO and FORLIFE.


woah ! like i seriously can not wait until april vacation, but i honestly think that it is the dumbest thing ever that we have good friday off ( which is tomarrow) and than we have to come back for a week, than have april vacation. like OMG all of the other schools got it off the week right after easter, this would be the smart thing too. who wants to come back for another week after having friday off + having a good time on easter and than going to school everyday for a week than we have april vacation. than you just forget all of the new things you learned. like seriously who’s idea was it to do this?

trail of tears.

As i walk through the cold snow with my bare feet i thought i was about to die. not just because of the bitter cold but because i was strongly frightened that i  would get separated from my mother. this was truley not fair that all of the whites get to take over our land. us native Americans are all people to. we deserve a right to have our own homes without them getting taken away. everyone thought that Andrew jackson was going to be a wonderful president, but look what happened here. he deserves to have his home taken away from him and to be living out of a bag on the streets.

As my mother and i walk this long journey to the new land where we must live, my mother is not doing well she has already had a fever and had the chills for days, even before we started out. now she is progressively doing worse. what am i to do? i cant take care of her, i am only a young native American girl at the age of 10.

A couple of hours later she is not able to walk anymore. She tells me to go on without her with the rest of my tribe. I really don’t want to. This isn’t fair to either me or her. And this is all because of that horrible president Andrew Jackson. all of us native Americans have the right to despise him and blame him. As i say goodbye to Mamma i hope we will eventually meet again soon. and be able to be reunited as one.

if my name was a verb….

If my name was a verb it would be dance. dance is basically my life. i have been dancing ever since i was 2 years old. i quit after my 5th year, but than i started up again in 5th grade. it is my 4th year at jazz n motion studio of first five years of dance i danced at judith parks academy. if i couldnt dance anymore, i seriously think i would loose it.